A Story of Startupreneurs


snagmobile_logo_make_ordering_mobileBack in November 2011 we were fresh out of college and had come up with an idea; an app that would allow fans at sporting events to order and pay for concessions on their phones, and then have them delivered to their seats. We called it “Snag”, and began writing a business plan, forming an LLC and doing all that administrative stuff we all love so much (sarcasm). After tirelessly working for a couple months, the problem was that Snag was only an idea and we had little development experience. We needed to find guidance, mentorship and above all…a partner who was a developer.

It just so happened that Startup Weekend Tech Valley was right around the corner, and what better place to find a team? We set out that weekend with absolutely no intention of actually joining a team, the only goal was to network. But, then during the pitches, we heard about Go Menu Go.

The Go Menu Go app was essentially like Urban Spoon but gave the restaurant manager the ability to run real time deals through the app and push them to users. So we thought…menus? On a phone?! Perfect. We joined the Go Menu Go team and to our surprise, not only met the Co-Founder and CTO Jim Connell, but had a great time and learned a ton throughout the weekend!


I can honestly say that if you told me a year before (while in college and drinking “occasionally”) that I would be staying up until 3 am working FOR FUN, I would have called you crazy. But wow, what a memorable weekend. In the end Go Menu Go created a fully working prototype, took second place that Sunday and went home with $2,000. But, our nascent Snag Mobile team went home with a lot more.

The connections and mentorship we gained that weekend were unlike anything we’d ever experienced. Since then, we’ve developed our app, launched Snag into two minor league baseball stadiums and have had great results in doing so. We’ve now identified four vertical markets where our app makes sense…stadiums, casinos, hotels and golf courses. We’re hitting the market hard right now and have all kinds of things in the works. Check out www.SnagMobile.com for more information about our suite of software apps.

Recently, we even beat out over 100 companies to be a finalist in the first ever USA based Startup Labs program. Startup Labs is an intense three week program where 5 companies compete for $350,000 in prizes. Sounds like a glorified Startup Weekend right? Where did Startup Labs come from you ask? That’s right, the same guy who founded Startup Weekend, Clint Nelson. We’re still awaiting the results of the competition and are optimistic about our chances of winning. Read more about Startup Labs and the time we’ve had with Clint at www.StartupLabs.org.

If you haven’t noticed by now, the point here is that our team, our business, and our future are a direct result of the Startup Weekend culture. The mentorship, connections, and most importantly friendships you experience this weekend will last a lifetime…most of your ideas won’t. Make the most of your 48 hours as a new Startupreneur. The journey starts here and you never know where it will lead you.


This post was written by Dan Cody, co-founder of Snag Mobile, based in Albany, NY.

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